Oppo reno 6 Vs Oppo Ego 6


Oppo Renova6 G is officially launched on December 13, 2021. This new smartphone has been designed by the legendary designer Mario Moretti. The manufacturer of Oppo phones and accessories, Vodafone, together with Oppo, have created an innovative concept named as Oppo Renova. The brand value of this smartphone has been enhanced due to the unique features it offers to its users. oppo reno 6

To provide the users with the best mobile phone, Oppo reno6 has incorporated some features that are worth mentioning. With the help of this handset, you can access social networking websites like Facebook faster than ever before. It has a multi-tasking feature which allows you to chat on your phone while surfing the net or listening to your favourite music tracks without the need of taking your hand off the smartphone. The phone has a high-end technology called AMOLED screen. This technology enables you to enjoy better viewing on your bright and vibrant screen through the help of a super sensitive backlight.

The AMOLED screen can read texts and emails in vivid colours and clear fonts at 90 hz. The handset runs on android operating system, which is based on Linux kernel. This helps the smartphone to run very smoothly and provides you with excellent browsing experience. The user-friendly interface of the Oppo reno6 allows you to access all the applications without any hassles.

The Oppo reno6 also comes with a dual SIM slot, which supports both CDMA and GSM technologies. It can support data up to 3G and allows you to get connected to international networks with ease. In addition to this, it also offers a fast charging feature for your mobile phone battery. The power key on the smart phone does not vibrate when you press it, which further reduces the chances of any mishap. You can use the phone even while you are on the move with the help of its jet engine assist mode, which enables the handset to perform hands-free call.

The Oppo reno6 runs on a single review, which does not allow us to try out every single feature of the handset. However, we can evaluate the above mentioned features, which are the highlight of this handset. This handset has a single review, which has rated it as one of the best gadgets that have come along in this new era. The memory size of this device is only 4GB, which is less than other modern mobiles. In addition to this, the Oppo reno6 runs on a single review, which does not allow us to try out every single feature of the handset.

The device supports multi-language and multi globular dictionaries. This handset also comes with a free VOIP account. The Oppo reno6 who has 12 GB RAM, which is more than other mobiles. Other features of this handset include Dual Shot Camera, capacitive keypad, MMS, WAP, Bluetooth, GPS, micro SD, OVI board, USB interface, FM radio, THX certified, voice boost, proximity sensor and many other features.

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