Choosing a Bahamas Appraiser

The Bahamas appraiser should be licensed. It is illegal to conduct assessments without a license or a permit. The real estate (brokers and salesmen) act of 1995 protects the rights of real estate professionals, including real estate appraisers. If an appraiser is operating without a license, they should be fined or jailed. The Bahamas Real Estate Association is working hard to update the 25-year-old real estate legislation.

One company that has been doing revaluations and mapping of properties in New Providence is Tyler Technologies, which is US-based. However, it is important to note that this company is not licensed to do appraisal work in The Bahamas. The Bahamas government should take action against these unlicensed foreign realtors. This practice is likely sucking hundreds of thousands of dollars out of the Bahamas economy.

A licensed Bahamas appraiser should have a strong background in real estate appraisal. A Bahamas appraiser should have experience and knowledge of the residential and commercial market in the Bahamas. He should be able to provide a thorough assessment of the value of a property, as well as its current state and market value. In addition to this, he should be familiar with the legal requirements for performing an appraisal.

The Bahamas real estate appraisal market can be volatile, so choosing an appraiser who is familiar with the current property market is a good idea. A licensed Bahamas appraiser will know the local market and unique characteristics of the area. He should also have at least two years of experience. That way, he can make the best estimate possible for you.

The Bahamas real estate appraiser should also be familiar with the laws of the Bahamas. He must also know how to interpret real estate documents. The Bahamas Real Estate Association has a website where appraisers can find out about new laws. If you’re looking for an appraiser in The Bahamas, you should look for a member of the Bahamas Real Estate Association. This association will be able to recommend a qualified appraiser.

Spencer White is a seasoned Bahamas appraiser who has won many Coldwell Banker awards. bahamas appraisers He has completed appraisals for major banks and residential and commercial developers. He has also testified as an expert in court cases in the United States and abroad. Whether you’re planning a vacation in the Bahamas or need an appraisal for a mortgage, an appraiser can help you understand the value of any property.

Lorraine Rowan has a long family history in The Bahamas. Her mother’s family descends from the first Europeans to settle on the islands. Her great uncle preserved her family’s history and family tree. The family includes traditional Bahamian surnames such as Lowe, Kelly, and Pinder.

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